On Beginning Solar Rotation 47…

Today I begin my 47th rotation around the Sun and I feel peaceful. There is so much that I have accomplished in Year 46 and I have so much more to achieve in Year 47. I have already begun receiving the outpouring of birthday greetings and I love it. It truly makes me feel special. For this new rotation, my theme is “Embrace Yourself (Myself) Fully”. What does year 47 look like? Will my business take the form that it should? Will I be able to take my creativity to the next level? Is my future beau around the corner? How close am I to actualizing my creative studio space? This is only the beginning and I hope that you will be around as I endeavor to share more of my journey with you.

Portrait by Me The Glamtog
Design by Me #TheCreativeVisioneer
Inspired by any given homework assignment by Derrel Todd

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