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Legs...and Hips...and Body, Body, Body! - La Vie Afroheme

Happy National Plus Size Appreciation Day October 6th!

These thighs meet, the booty shakes and the belly jiggles but I am thankful for every inch of this #plussizeframe. It has been a journey of learning to accept and embrace the state of my body in its current form…even when I wish to change some things about it.

As a plus size woman and body positive advocate, my daily presence is in protest to what society tells us we can not do with our body.  So often I hear people talk about what they are uncomfortable with or can not show – I believe that when you learn to dress for your body type and put some confidence behind it, you can be as fabulous as you want and feel. 

 Shout out to all of my voluptuous beauties. Celebrate your body in its present state even if you wish to change it. You are beautiful TODAY. #bodypositive #yallaregettingthesecurvestoday