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When I Saw this Cardigan... - La Vie Afroheme

I am a self-proclaimed FASHION GIRL!  I love putting a look together. 

As I have learned to dress my body over the years and there is not much that I am afraid to do fashion-wise.  My core style is full of color, textures and prints with a strong slant for the Afrocentric (also a little razzle dazzle…sparkle and shine ain’t never hurt no body either.)  In terms of cuts and silhouettes, I am a fan of ruffles, peplums, wide-leg pants, maxi skirts and dresses, kimonos, dusters, cardigans and caftans.   

When I am shopping I am not only looking at the article of clothing the way it appears but also for what it can be.  Like many of my brothers and sisters in fashion, I keep a tailor and seamstress in my back pocket for customization and needed adjustments but I am not a stranger to needle and thread, fabric glue, and paint because above all things, I will not rest until I get it the way that I want it.

Such is the case of this #boohoo cardigan that I recently purchased online.  While others may think of one of the top fashion houses when they see red, green, and black together…my mind, immediately, goes to Pan-Africanism and Black Power so I decided to make a “Black Power” cardigan.  I actually purchased two articles a cardigan and a satin bomber jacket with the intent to transform them into a unique article that illuminates my style.

To complete the “Black Power” cardigan, I started by purchasing patches from Etsy.  My goal was for all of the patches to have a color scheme of Red, Black, and Green and include an empowering message.

The end result is this beauty here.  Once I placed the sequined Africa on the back of the cardigan, I wanted to add a final detail to finish off the piece.  When I receive the final piece, I will take more pictures.  For now, take a look at what I have done.

The next project will be my “Black Girl Magic” bomber…

#fashion #diy #blackpower #cultureintheclothing #lifestyle