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ABOUT - La Vie Afroheme


My Why

Who Is Turquo!se?

Turquo!se La Afrohemienne (Tynisha Brooks is her legal name) is a multi-hyphenate creative who loves three things:

  • All things Black
  • Most things Creative
  • Many things Metaphysical

She is native to the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area where she works as a freelance creative under the name ARTfropolitan Media.  La Vie Afroheme is one of the verticals under the ARTfropolitan Media brand used for creative expression and development. 

In her free time, Turquo!se enjoys attending live musical and theatrical performances, cultural events, following the trail of the African violet, eating good food and participating in unique experiential experiences.

Defining La Vie Afroheme

La Vie Afroheme which is my “africanized” tribute the song “La Vie Boheme” from the hit Broadway musical Rent is my magnum opus summed up in three words.  Loosely translated it means “The Life Afro-Bohemian” and even though that translation brings visuals and themes to mind; it is my life’s quest to form my own definition.

I think often about the major themes in my life.  I think about the things that set my soul on fire – color, fashion and style, body positivity, African art and culture, travel, the metaphysical.  Since I can not give that rundown everytime someone asks for a definition, I have drilled it down to an elevator speech.  La Vie Afroheme is an African-centered, creative, colorful and souFULL lifestyle curation.

My intention is to chronicle this experience from a curator’s perspective.  I want to you experience life through my eyes and see the things that are important to me.

So bucket up…


Favorite Quote

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.”

-Sophia Bush

Life Path Number

My life path number is ONE – The Innovative Leader (according to Felecia Bender.). I am here to lead on my own terms in my own way.

Personal Planet Placements

Here is a quick look into my personal planet placements:

Sun: Virgo
Moon: Libra
Ascendant: Pisces
Mercury: Libra
Venus: Leo
Mars: Gemini

Can you translate how this applies to me?

Human Design Type

I am a Manifesting Generator.

Manifesting Generator is a combination of the Generator and Manifestor human design types – a mix of the strengths and weaknesses of both types in one person. 


Guiding Deities

While I do not subscribe to a particular religious endoctrination.  I feel a kinship to Yemoja of the Yoruba pantheon and Lord Ganesha of the Hindu pantheon.

Illustration – Artist Unknown

Spirit Animal

I definitely have an affinity for peacocks.

Favorite Color

Although I love ALL COLORS.  I have coined my own color –Blurple – The iridescent gradient of blue (preferably turquoise) and purple together.  Otherwise you will find that most of my belongings are turquoise blue and/or purple.

Favorite Crystal

If I could sum up my personality in one crystal, I’d have to choose PEACOCK ORE (Chalcopyrite).  I like to call it the “positively creative stone”.  Positivity and Creativity are two attributes that I intent to exude each day and who would not feel joyful glancing at the beautiful colors in that stone daily.


Favorite Movie

There are so many good movies but I can watch Love Jones every day all day…but Black Panther is a new favorite.

African Ancestry

To date, my ancestry is found amongst the following:

  • Fula people of Guinea-Bissau
  • Mende & Temne of Sierra Leone
  • Kpelle people of Liberia

My autosomal is that I am 82% sub-saharan African and 18% European