30 Years Since High School…Wow!

This year, the BEST CLASS to EVER DO THE THANG – Suitland High School Class of 1993 Ram Page, will turn 30. I can not believe it myself but I am honored to be connected to this class, the school and the classes in that orbit. #IAmA93Senior #93is30 #Suitland #suitlandrams

Spring Equinox

For this #SpringEquinox, I have the Orisha #Aja on my mind in relation to healing. The #equinox is a time for reviewing, rebirthing and renewal. It is also a time to reflect and restore. With the #NewMoon in Aries, it’s #Cardinal energy and #Self focus are asking us “Who are you now?” “Where do you want to be?” “What must youContinue Reading…

Observing Silence

You can learn a lot by observing silence in community with others especiallly when you’ve been told not communicate at all…not even with your eyes or facial expressions which are something melanated people do well.  #acorn #tantricshamantrainingretreat #covington #blackgirltantra

When I Saw this Cardigan…

I am a self-proclaimed FASHION GIRL!  I love putting a look together. As I have learned to dress my body over the years and there is not much that I am afraid to do fashion-wise.  My core style is full of color, textures and prints with a strong slant for the Afrocentric (also a little razzle dazzle…sparkle and shine ain’t never hurt no body either.)